Kochan & Phillips Historical Textiles

Latest News:

WW1 Bedford Cord now in production:

Woollen Bedford Cord suitable for WW1 Officer's Breeches now available. E-mail us for further details.


ACW Cloths now available:


Sky Blue Kersey:














ACW Tait Mixture Kersey now ready:















British Army WW1 / WW 2 Khaki Serge for Battle dress and Service dress; we are pleased to announce that this is now being used for some products by Richard Knight of Khaki on Campaign. Comparison with a 1940 Patt BD manufactured in 1945 (repro pattern under pocket flap). For larger image click here:















Detailed comparison of weave on shaved section on repro (bottom of image) with moth damaged section on original (top of image) For larger image click here:














To see details of the Mixture analysis, click here:



Linen Hollands now available. High quality glazed linen suitable for linings (coat sleeves, hat bands, breeches waistbands, pockets etc) waistcoat backs and so on.





Bearskin, first run now finished, first sample dyes now received:

British Blue:













Logwood Blue:



























Established 25th March 2011, Last updated 13th October 2014

We have been producing high quality reproduction historic textiles since 2002.

All of our textile products are exclusively woven, dyed and finished in England to rigorously researched historical specifications derived from study of original samples and documentary sources.

We supply fabrics to discerning historical tailors, reenactors, museums, conservators and collectors; currently we have provided cloth to customers in the UK, United States, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, and Scandanavia, for projects ranging from Ancient Roman, English Civil War, Lace Wars, French and Indian War, American Revolutionary War, Napoleonic Wars, Crimean War and American Civil War, as well as numerous civilian projects covering the same periods.

Although our business was founded on producing the first completely authentic reproduction of the iconic Red Coat cloth using original weaver's specifications from the late 18th C, our in-depth knowledge of pre-industrial weaver's terms and techniques has allowed us to expand into other specialist woollens and linens from earlier and later periods.

We also research the applications for which various fabrics were used; if you require advice on suitable cloths for a particular project feel free to contact us.