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    Officer's Coats.               
         Materials:  There were no detailed regulations for Officer's clothing prior to the middle of the 19th C, consequently there was more leeway in the materials used.  However, contemporary tailors knew the most suitable materials for various applications and details of each Regiment's coats were held by the Adjutant, so although there might be some alternatives available (Cassimere instead of Superfine for turnbacks, for example) in practice any changes would be minimal.  For more information on specific Regiments please contact us.
         Sizing: Officer's coats were 'bespoke', that is, made for the individual (and contimued to be so for British Officers until the end of 2009) by his tailor.  There was no pattern as such; the Officer's measurements would be taken and the pattern drafted straight onto the cloth using whichever system for calculating the proportions the tailor chose to use.