Many of the woollen fabrics used for uniforms of both sides during the American Civil War were manufactured in Britain.
From the well known English Army Cloth of Blue Gray Kersey produced by Tait and Co of Limerick, to the Superfine Broadcloths and Cassimeres favoured by Officers of both sides of the divide, to the Sky Blue Kersey and dark Indigo Cloths produced by the Union Quarter Masters to supplant domestic production.
We have researched extensively from documentary sources, extant garments, and manufacturers’ records, experimenting with the newly developing dyes of the mid 19th C, to produce ever more authentic reproductions of the cloths of this period.
Richmond type jacket made by Andreas Braunling from K&P Blue Gray Kersey. Photo by Andi Hoenig.
Tait Blue Gray Kersey:         
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Federal Sky Blue Kersey:     
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Confederate French Royal Blue Kersey:   
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Superfine Broadcloth:         
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Federal Frock Cloth:

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Confederate Officers’ Frock Cassimere.

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