Drap: Synonym of English ‘Broadcloth’, a plain weave, heavily milled woollen fabric used for outer garments.  Came in various different qualities, described by the place of manufacture, or the number of threads in the full width of the piece; the higher the number, the greater the number of threads, the higher the quality.
– Drap de Sedan: Highest quality Superfine Cloth made from Merino wool.
– Drap d’Ebeuf: High quality cloth made from Merino wool.
– Drab de Berry: Cloth made from high quality French grown wool from the Berry region, often (but not always) made in one of the Berry manufacturing towns Romorantin, Chateauroux and Issoudun
-Drap de Lodeve: Lower quality cloth accepted as the standard for private soldiers.
Serge: A twill fabric with either a woollen warp and weft, (Synonym of the English ‘Kersey’) or a worsted warp and woollen weft (synonym of the English ‘Serge’). Made in a range of qualities, widths and weights in different regions, often under their local names.
– Serge d’Aumale.
– Serge de Blicourt.
Tricot: Dependent on context can mean knitting (in the case of caps, stockings and gloves), but also a form of woollen serge (Serge Drapee) used for pantaloons and vestes.