All of our products are made in England. Our metalwork is cast using either original examples or patterns made in-house based on photographs of original examples.

British Board of Ordnance Oak Canteen.

Hand made in England from Oak, branded with Broad Arrow and ‘G.R.’ or ‘B.O.’ for Napoleonic / War of 1812 or Crimean period. (original on left, our reproduction on the right). £50 each

High quality Gold Plated RN Officers’ buttons.

These are die-struck from hand cut dies just as the originals were, rather than cast as many modern reproductions are. Though more expensive to set up, because of the cost of the die, the design is much sharper. Combined with the high quality gold plating the finished button is of unrivalled quality. £6.50 each

Solid Brass or Silver Belt Plates and Badges.

All of our castings are made in England, cast from orignal examples or from patterns hand made by us in our workshop from detailed scaled images of original examples.

They are made using hand engravers and files, not spark erosion or laser cutters which are of course modern technigues which produce flat, low relief results nothing like the originals of the C18th & C19th.

Prices vary dependant on whether they are a stock item or a new project based on the complexity of the design and quantity required.

  • British Napoleonic Light Infantry / Rifles Bugle Horns, Brass: £15
  • British Naapoleonic Drummer’s Badge, Brass: £8 each.
  • Shoulder Belt Plates from £25 to £35