We produce various qualities suitable for different purposes:

Woollens. Woven from woollen yarns, fabrics of this class make use of woollen yarns property of shrinking and felting to create stout, weatherproof materials suitable for outer clothing.


Superfine.  Made from more, finer yarns spun from fine grades of wool this is the quality favoured by Gentlemen and Officers.  Colours available.
Common Coating.  A more workmanlike quality of broadcloth composed of thicker yarns from coarse domestic wool qualities, suitable for soldiers and working men.
Colours available.
Drap d’Elbeuf             Under development
Federal Frock Cloth  Under development
  • Kersey

    • Common Kersey.  A twill woven fabric of coarser qualities of wool, this fabric was a cheaper alternative to Broadcloth for making breeches, working clothes, cloaks and so on.  Colours available.
    • Regulation Greatcoat Kersey.  The quality of Kersey made from a mixture of black, and natural wool fibre to create the shade of grey used by British Army Greatcoats during the Napoleonic Wars.
    • Federal Sky Blue Kersey.  A particular twill weave used for pants for both Union soldiers during the American Civil War
    • Confederate French Royal Blue Kersey.  Extant examples are the same weave as that used for Union pants, but dyed a brighter blue. 
    • Tait Contract Blue Gray Kersey
  • Worsted / Woollen Unions

  • Worsteds

    • Shalloon:  A beautiful, smooth, fine twill mainly used for Officers’ and Gentlemen’s linings, available in different qualities:
      • Superfine
      • Common
    • Callimancoe:  A Worsted sateen used for ladies gowns, petty coats, stays, and furnishings
      Under Development
    • Camblet: A plain weave often with a thicker weft resulting in a grosgrain effect used for furnishings, ladies gowns, riding habits and sometmes Gentlemen’s coats for wear in hot climates.
      Under Development
  • Silk

    • Silk Serge
    • Silk Sarsnet
    • Genoa Velvet
  • Linens

    • Holland.  Plain weave linen given a crisp, shiny texture by a process of ‘beetling’, pressing under heavy rollers.  Ideal for pocketing, interlinings, hat linings and so on.
      • Black
      • White
      • Natural
  • Fine Linen

    • Lawn No 3
  • Cottons