We produce correct materials for Crimean Projects, based on period manufacturer’s specifications, Military Regulations and examination of surviving examples from the period. (See below):
Coating Broadcloth for Private’s Coatees:                    Available Now
– White Worsted Braid for Infantry Privates’ Coatees:   Available Now
– Lighter White Cloth for Infantry Coatee turnbacks:    Available Now
Serge Lining for Coatees and Greatcoats:                    Available Now
– Grey Trousering for Cavalry Overalls:                           Available Now
Grey Kersey for Infantry Greatcoats:                            Available Now
– Oxford Mixture Tweed for Infantry Trousers:              UnderDevelopment
Examples of K&P fabrics in use.  These were custom dyed a specific shade of Rifle Green found in an English dyer’s pattern book which had been supplied for Rifle Uniforms in the mid 19th C.
Recreated Rifle Brigade in the Crimea, photo: Pat Patrick