Adolphus Confederate Uniforms. Fascinating detailed analysis of Confederate uniforms and the textiles from which they were made.

Recreated Groups:
2nd Bn 95th (Rifle) Regt. Representing the Rifle Regiments of the Napoleonic Wars

The Pattern: HM 33rd Regt of Foot 1770-1785. Re creating a British Infantry Regiment during the Revolutionary War.

Historic Clothing and Accoutrement Makers:
Graves Historical Uniforms. UK based maker specialising in Revolutionary War, British and French Napoleonic and American Civil War Military clothing, based on primary research.

Prior Attire. Maker of Ladies and Gentlemen’s historical and Equestrian clothing.

Historical Military Accoutrements. Recreated military accoutrements made by hand using period techniques based on quality research based on examination of original items.